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Humility keeps us in check

learn humility through aikido

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama said this very well: “There is a very close connection between humility and patience. Humility involves having the capacity to take a more confrontational stance, having the capacity to retaliate if you wish, yet deliberately deciding not to do so. That is what I would call genuine humility. I […]

Phillip Lee Shihan Joins Newport Beach Aikido for the 9th Annual Sugano Shihan Summer Camp

Newport Beach Aikido is proud to invite Phillip Lee Shihan as our special guest to the 9th Annual Sugano Shihan Summer. Register now. Only a few spaces left. SHIHAN PHILIP LEE (AIKIKAI 7TH DAN) was born on October 1954 and is one of the five founding fathers of Aikido in Singapore. Having caught the martial […]

Training your mind and body to manage stress

aikido to reduce stress

There’s good stress and then there’s bad stress. When stress becomes overwhelming and starts taking over your sleep, diet, and ability to focus then it’s time to make changes to manage your work life balance. Practicing martial arts like Aikido can helps to reduce improve overall health by training your body while also calming your […]