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The Orange County Beach Cities Aikido Foundation (OCBCAF)

The Orange County Beach Cities Aikido Foundation (OCBCAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting all members of the Southern California communities. The OCBCAF (EIN NUMBER 87-3873476) was founded to promote love and compassion in our local community with programs that provide wellness, leadership, and mentorship to empower the body, awaken the mind, and enlighten the spirit. In addition to providing valuable online resources as a part of our educational programs, the OCBCAF is also responsible for maintaining the certification program for participants in the martial art of Aikido. The OCBCAF also offers programs to assist underserved families, women and children, and provide access to learning Aikido through scholarships.

All-Access Membership package for a yearly membership package of $150.00, includes all access and Sugano Sword System.

  • Aikido Techniques – A strong foundation in Aikido basics is essential for effective technique execution, safety, the development of martial principles, progression to advanced levels, and the integration of mind and body. It forms the cornerstone of a practitioner’s journey toward mastering this dynamic and harmonious martial art.
  • Aikido Seminars – Immerse yourself in the art of Aikido and elevate your skills by delving into our exclusive library of seminars featuring the Gentil Pennewaert Shihan. Throughout the seasons—Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter—Pennewaert Shihan imparts his profound knowledge and aikido expertise.
  • Aikido Classes – Our archives of videos offer a progression of classes, allowing you to follow the development of skills over time. From foundational basics to advanced techniques, we’ve captured highlights from Pennewaert Shihan’s teachings during class with a mix of weapons and aikido hand techniques.
  • Aikido Weapons Training – Explore the world of aikido with a focus on weapons mastery. Engage in the intricacies of bokken, jo, and tanto practice to enhance your skills. Elevate your sense of timing, distance, and direction through dedicated weapons training. Coming in April 2024, experience the revamped Sugano Sword System videos.
  • Aikido Children’s Classes – Watch videos of Children’s Aikido Classes, Samurai Summer Camp Highlights, and Aikido Basic Techniques for Children.

Bonus: Sugano Sword System Remastered – Launching in March 2024