Aikido Classes Everyday for Adults.

Our adult class schedule allows the adult practitioner to attend classes seven days a week with morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend classes for complete aikido training. Each aikido class is structured with a basic warm up, aikido practice, and a cool down period of stretches and development of connection. Morning aikido classes are available for those who want the early morning practice and can still enjoy their daily routines while our aikido afternoon classes are 45 minutes long and available to those who want to enjoy a mid afternoon lesson and still return to work. Our evening classes run every night on Monday-Friday and allows a consistent daily aikido practice when work or school is finished. Come join us on the weekends and develop weapons training on Saturdays or enjoy a nice Sunday practice to complete your active week. No matter which class schedule suits you best, aikido is available everyday. Take advantage of our flexible aikido class schedule and become a regular member today.

The weekly aikido class schedule at the Shin Do Kan Dojo is subject to change. Please check the calendar for the latest seminars, events, and dojo closings.

adult aikido schedule