Sponsored by OCBCAF

Aikido Teen Program

Preparing our teens for the real world

Empower your teen through aikido as they navigate the real world with more confidence, coordination, awareness, and  focus.

Teens develop flexibility, increased range of motion, good posture and better physical condition. Each student will train at a level appropriate for his or her experience. Both the execution of technique and the receiving of technique is practiced to fully develop the student’s abilities.

This program is sponsored by the Orange County Beach Aikido Foundation (OCBCAF) and scholarships are available for underserved families in the community. Contact info@ocbcaf.org to apply for a scholarship or call the dojo at 949-553-0160

Teacher-Student Role in Aikido

The lessons learned in aikido are practiced and passed on in a teacher-student relationship and offers teens an great opportunity to give back what they have learned to their juniors.  This role helps build self-development, confidence, coordination, and focus.  Through the enriching process, the teens learn about harmony, respect, and the rewards of helping one another.

Community Service Graduation Requirements

OCBCAF offers teens an opportunity to earn community service credits for their time spent learning and mentoring other students through aikido. Earning credits and positioning yourself for the future in the process while serving a higher purpose makes pursuing service learning opportunities a win-win-win.


Aikido Teen Class in Newport Beach

Teen program rates

orange beach cities aikido foundation

Sponsored by OCBCAF

For teens ages 13-17

$25/class or enroll in our 3-month program

Every Friday from 5:15 – 6:00 PM

Inquire about scholarships for low income families


Viet Tran

It’s been more than 6 years and they haven’t missed a class. That’s a huge investment and commitment in this busy life if you don’t think this aikikai is necessary for your children’s future. My kids learned to be calm, aware of surrounding, and most importantly to me, be a decent human being.

Anna Racheva

“I am so fortunate to have found Newport Beach Aikido-Shin Do Kan Dojo and Sensei Pennewaert both for myself and for my family. The adult classes provide a lot more than mere instruction in the techniques and skills of aikido. For me they also bring harmony and coordination between body and mind and are the source of new energy that always leaves me recharged and looking forward to the next class.”

Skylar Mineshima

My daughters look forward to attending aikido class every week. They love learning new techniques, playing agility games with their friends, and practicing meditation. As a parent observing the class, I can see how my daughters will be able to use these variety of skills and practices throughout their lives. 


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