“Your child will thrive with the safe, effective, gentle art of Aikido”
~ Gentil Pennewaert, 6th degree black belt


Would you like your child to learn better self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-defense while engaging in a fun activity?

If so, then the Children’s Aikido Martial Art Program will be well worth the investment in you child’s future health, physical fitness, and well-being. After school and weekend classes are offered for school-aged children under the direction of Sensei Gentil Pennewaert, Chief Instructor.

Sensei Pennewaert has 37 years experience in martial arts and is a second generation student of the founder of Aikido (Morihei Ueshiba). He has been teaching children Aikido for over thirteen years. Children may attend as many or as few of the scheduled classes each month as fits their wants and needs.

After-school Aikido Programs

Newport Beach Aikido Kids
Our Aikido children’s program is also available to schools and associations that would like to incorporate the gentle art of self-defense. Since we focus on cooperation rather than competition or aggressive martial arts training, Aikido is ideal for afterschool programs. Our Aikido program is an hour long of basic Aikido techniques, stretches, rolls, and games. A professional mat is provided for training and uniforms are required. We currently offer the Aikido children’s program to several private schools and preschools in Orange County.

Aikido Samurai Summer Camp

Relive the arts of the Samurai through Aikido!

During the months of July and August, we offer the popular “Aikido Samurai Summer Camp” for ages 6-12. Have fun all summer long learning advanced Aikido skills, foamed bokken (samurai sword) patterns, and stranger awareness skills. Feel safe knowing your child is learning important skills of awareness, discipline, cooperation, and self-defense. Full and half days are available, meals are included. Sign-up early as space is limited.

6-12 years old children can attend any of the days available. Tuition is determined upon the number of days selected. Contact the dojo for more information.