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Aikido ‘founder, Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) was a Japanese soldier, farmer, philosopher, and not even 5 feet he was nevertheless one of the greatest martial artists in history.

When Morihei was twelve, he was a weak and frail boy. He saw his father beaten by thugs who worked for a political opponent. He swore that someday, what ever it took, he would be strong enough to defeat any attach he encountered. So he dedicated himself to strengthening his body and learning how to fight. Not one to back down to a challenge, he got into many duels and quickly developed a reputation for being invincible.

In 1922, he started teaching his own brand of fighting called aiki bujutsu (martial art for the harmony of physical and spiritual energy). This later became bujutsu (martial art) to budo (martial path) and finally to just do (path). In 1925, Morihei defeated a kendo champion by dodging each one of his sword thrusts. He would later say that he could sense his opponent’s movements before they were executed. 


Tatsuaki Hatsukari

“Newport Beach Aikido is a great place to come and learn in a very family friendly environment. The class is very traditional and great for any skill level. My two sons (9 and 7) are in kids class and they also enjoy the learning in well disciplined practice. I personally enjoy Aikido to train my inner-core strength while learning fundamental self-defense skill. Sensei is very kind, patient, and professional. Highly recommended if you are looking for a dojo that offers both high-level spirits and respectful camaraderies!”

Anna Racheva

“I am so fortunate to have found Newport Beach Aikido-Shin Do Kan Dojo and Sensei Pennewaert both for myself and for my family. The adult classes provide a lot more than mere instruction in the techniques and skills of aikido. For me they also bring harmony and coordination between body and mind and are the source of new energy that always leaves me recharged and looking forward to the next class.”

Anthony Fiore

Sensei Pennewaert does an amazing job! I have been training for my entire adult life and we recently had Sensei out for a seminar and he was truly amazing. His knowledge, teaching style, and through understanding of his art allow him to connect with you and your students. We hope his schedule will allow him to visit us annually. If he is near your town do yourself and your students a favor and get there. It will be time well spent.


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