beginning aikido

What you need to know

TRY AIKIDO MARTIAL ARTSStarting any new activity can be fun and overwhelming with lots of new information. Begin your path to Aikido and develop physical stamina, focus, and agility. Aikido is using your opponents’ energy against himself.

Therefore, you will be learning how to blend and move effectively. this all takes practice and you are on your path towards self-awareness and self-improvement. All this comes from you and what you put into the practice. Aikido is a non-competitive sport without trophies or awards. Its reward stems from self-improvement and the knowledge you gain after each practice. Practice occurs with different partners on the same or different technique to give you a feeling of how timing, distance, and direction is affected. This is particularly important as you will learn how to blend in all situations. We do not teach KATA forms. Life is about blending and using the flow of energy with redirection.

On your first day, we understand that everything may be foreign to you…the etiquette, how to move, what to say, and where to go. That is why we always have a senior student guiding you through the process of learning. From the beginning stretches and warm-ups, you are assigned a Yudansha (senior student) and he will make sure you are properly warmed up for practice.  Sensei Pennewaert instructs all the classes and will watch over you to help you move correctly and feel comfortable.

At Newport Beach Aikido, understanding the basics is important. There are not a schedule of unexperienced student teachers from different disciplines who will show you variations of movements. All our Yudanshas have had at least 10 years or more of Aikido experience at our dojo.  Traditional aikido as our late Sugano Shihan had learned it from O’Sensei is what we maintain and pass on to you. So, you can rest assure that you will be learning the proper techniques at Newport Beach Aikido. Visit our Gallery for basic videos on forward rolls (Mae Ukemi), Backward rolls (Ushiro Ukemi) and Knee Walking (Shikko).