your first day at aikido

What you need to know

Here are some important hints and tips on your first day of aikido class. We have prepared a list to help make your understanding easier. The first day of aikido class is exciting and fun and we hope that you will enjoy all the physcial, mental, and spiritual benefits of aikido.

Hints and Tips

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class
  • Place your shoes within the shoe box and note (no shoes beyong this point)
  • We suggest you drink lots of fluids before practice as you will want to stay hydrated to prevent fatique and muscle cramping.
  • Bring your pre-washed uniform (gi) and belt for practice along with extra changing clothes after practice.
  • We will write your name on your gi, belt, and pants with a permanent marker to show ownership and help everyone get to know you
  • We will help you learn the belt tying process.
  • Please arrive with your feet clean for practice on the mat
  • Your roll card has been made and kept on the front counter, you may find your last name in one box to move to the empty one as Sensei will be marking the cards for attendance
  • We have showers and locker rooms available for you to place your personal items during practice
  • Our routine involves warm up, practice, and cool down. (1 hr practice suggested for beginners)
  • You will be assigned a Yudansha student (Senior black belt) and Sensei Pennewaert
  • You will be learning the rolls, basic stances, and first responses to techniques
  • Don’t worry about the details, just have fun and move in the general direction and see the whole picture.
  • It’s more about feeling and getting your body to move in smooth fluid motions
  • If you feel fatique, you may sit down and rest in the corner until you feel comfortable
  • If  you have any kind of pre-conditions of injury, please inform us at the beginning of class so we can work around your injury and pay more attention (we will apply a band of sports tape on your wrist so your partner will know to go easy on that area).

After your first practice

So, you just experienced your first Aikido class. What can you expect afterwards? We recommend a few tips to keep you comfortable the following day. As with any practice, it is important to replenish yourself with liquids. Although you may not have realized, your aikido workout affects the whole body and get back the fluids into your system is highly recommended. Please continue to read more recommended tips for your first Aikido experience.

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Stretch often and take a relaxing dip in a hot bath or jacuzzi
  • Depending upon your physical condition, you may feel some tightness of your muscles (it’s normal)
  • Schedule your aikido practice into your agenda, try to make it to class within 1-2 days of  your first lesson
  • We have a very flexible schedule, come 3 days a week to help your body adjust and get use to the routine.