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Practicing Aikido as a Blind
Practicing Aikido as a Blind

Seeing is believing as many would believe but for Delano Brown, believing is not seeing. On an early Sunday afternoon in Montreal Canada in 2016, I met Delano Brown. At the time, Delao was 6th kyu and I watched surprisingly as he was being escorted to the bench after...

Newport Beach Aikido Spring Seminar
Newport Beach Aikido Spring Seminar

SPRING AIKIDO SEMINAR 2019 and MEDITATION CLASS Join your fellow students at the Spring Seminar on Saturday, April 6-7th. Pennewaert Shihan will be instructing this special two day seminar. Come join all the members as we practice, learn, and discover new aikido...

Aikido for the whole family
Aikido for the whole family

One of the great aspects of aikido is that everyone can practice aikido. Practitioners come onto the mat with an empty mind and openness to learn. We consider our dojo very family friendly. Discover the benefits of aikido with this exclusive interview of Svetlana...


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