The Philosophy of Aikido

Most commonly translated as “the way of harmony”, aikido promotes life, understanding and deep gratitude. Harmony is blending with our environment by changing difficulties into joy and conflict into peace.

philosophy of aikido - harmonyAll physical practice of aikido builds upon principles of gratitude, courage, love and empathy to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and to bring forth our true nature. The philosophical aspects of aikido is so integral to the proper study and practice of aikido that the founder Morihei Ueshiba often said, “No Philosophy, no aikido.”

The practice of aikido is not confined to the rectangular matted area of our dojo but also into our homes and offices where we interact with others on a continual basis. Only through practice inside and outside the dojo can one find understanding and true character growth. Aikido is highly relevant and applicable to daily life and how we relate to the emerging global culture.