View our rates for 2016 on Adult, Teen, and Children Classes. All classes are taught by our Sensei Pennewaert. We offer a flexible schedule, showers, locker rooms, and professional Aikido facility which include weapons classes on selected days. We belong to the United States Aikido Federation USAF (yearly registration fee applies Р$80 adults/teens/kids is not included in rate chart. Trial class does not need to pay the USAF fees, unless full registration is selected.

  • Introductory Offers

  • $25/Trial class

  • Apply towards monthly membership, Sign up same day only

    Schedule a Trial Class for $25
  • adults - sign up for 2 months, receive a free uniform
  • children - sign up quarterly, receive a free uniform
  • pay 5 months, receive 1/2 of 6 month free
  • pay 10 months, receive 2 months free
  • $895 VALUE PACKAGE: includes 6 months, free uniform, 1/2 private lesson, and seminar (1,180 value)
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  • Children Aikido

  • $85/month

  • $85 for once a week, $100 for twice a week or more

    Schedule a Trial Class for $25
  • 6-8 years practice up to 3 times/week
  • 9-12 years practice up to 4 times/week
  • 10% discount for siblings
  • DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE on quarterly payments plan
  • Samurai summer camps in July/August
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