Join your fellow students at the Aikido Fall Seminar on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 17-18, 2022. G. Pennewaert Shihan for this special two-day seminar. Come join all the members as we practice, learn, and discover new aikido techniques for this year’s aikido Fall seminar.

Schedule for Aikido Fall Seminar

Friday, Sept 16 – CLOSED

Saturday, Sept 17 1PM – 4PM

Saturday, Sept 17 4:15 PM Testing

Sunday, Sept 18 – 10 AM – 1 PM

Monday, Sept 19 – CLOSED

Seminar Fee:

1-day fee is $75 

2-day fee is $95 for Saturday and Sunday

Early Bird Registration by Sept 12th: $85 for both days.


Please pay Sensei at the dojo by check, cash, or credit card

Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to increase your aikido knowledge! From beginners to advanced, all students are encouraged to attend the seminar. Please bring your weapons.


Saturday, Sept 17th – 7AM – 8AM

Meditation Fee: $30.Cash payment.

Attire: GI or GI/Hakama for Yudansha 

What to bring: Pillow or something comfortable to sit on. We look forward to seeing you all at the meditation class and the seminar.