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Aikido techniques

A strong foundation in Aikido basics is essential for effective technique execution, safety, the development of martial principles, progression to advanced levels, and the integration of mind and body. It forms the cornerstone of a practitioner’s journey toward mastering this dynamic and harmonious martial art.


Immerse yourself in the art of Aikido and elevate your skills by delving into our exclusive library of seminars featuring the Gentil Pennewaert Shihan. Throughout the seasons—Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter—Pennewaert Shihan imparts his profound knowledge and aikido expertise.


Our archives of videos offer a progression of classes, allowing you to follow the development of skills over time. From foundational basics to advanced techniques, we’ve captured highlights from Pennewaert Shihan’s teachings during class with a mix of weapons and aikido hand techniques.

weapons training

Explore the world of aikido with a focus on weapons mastery. Engage in the intricacies of bokken, jo, and tanto practice to enhance your skills. Elevate your sense of timing, distance, and direction through dedicated weapons training. Coming in April 2024, experience the revamped Sugano Sword System videos. 


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aikido Basics
Aikido techniques

Search by attack, technique or keyword to access our aikido basics videos as demonstrated by Sensei Pennewaert. 

aikido seminars
aikido seminars

Watch highlights from our Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Aikido Seminars. 

aikido training
Aikido Classes

Watch highlights from our daily Aikido Classes as Sensei Pennewaert demonstrates a variety of aikido techniques and attacks.

practicing aikido weapons
sugano sword system

Improve your aikido weapons training and learn the basics from Sugano Shihan Sword System 1 and 2 from the late Seiichi Sugano Shihan, a Master Swordsman.

aikido classes
Weapons training

Watch Aikido Weapons Training as Sensei expertly demonstrates the seamless integration of jo (staff), bokken (wooden sword), and tanto (knife) into Aikido practice.

kids doing aikido
Aikido for children

Watch videos of Children’s Aikido Classes, Samurai Summer Camp Highlights, and Aikido Basic Techniques for Children.

Aikido Shihan

A special message from Sensei

“Thank you for your support of our dojo with your subscription of the Newport Beach Aikikai Shin Do Kan Video Library. As we live in a progressive age where technology can be helpful in reviewing aikido techniques and learning, it is still very important that we continue to practice at the dojo. The art of aikido involves feeling and an exchange of energy which can only be experienced on the mat.”


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Your monthly subscription offers you access to our library. The content is protected and we reserve the right to not allow the content to be downloadable. Thank you for your understanding.  Any questions contact us at sensei@aikido-orangecounty.com.


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