One of the great aspects of aikido is that everyone can practice aikido. Practitioners come onto the mat with an empty mind and openness to learn. We consider our dojo very family friendly. Discover the benefits of aikido with this exclusive interview of Svetlana Drobyshevskaya and her daughter, Alisa.

Video Transcript:

Aikido in my daily life

“So, I started practicing aikido six and a half years ago and after half a year, I loved it so much that I brought my daughter here to practice with her. I wanted her to build up her self-confidence. Since then, my skills have grown tremendously. I use aikido in my daily life and with difficult customers who may be having a bad day and they come to my business and start talking to me aggressively. Through aikido, I can stay calm, respectful and understand that they are having a bad day and it’s not me. I come to the dojo to practice aikido everyday after work to get rid of stress and meet my dojo friends which I enjoy alot.”

Letting go

Before concerts, I like to go backstage and find a peaceful spot and just meditate a little to just relax and calm myself. And when I get up there, I have this feeling of “letting go” in my music. Like I do in aikido, let it go and I let my thoughts go.

Svetlana Drobyshevskaya is the owner of Irvine Photo Boutiquefull service photography, film processing and passport photo business.

Alisa is a talented violinist from Irvine Classical Players – Seraphim Symphony and is looking forward to a music scholarship for upcoming years in college.