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Pennewaert Shihan of Newport Beach Aikido offers online weapons training on Youtube

newport beach aikido youtube videos

Sensei Gentil Pennewaert Shihan introduces aikido training videos, focused on the Jo and Bokken weapons for his students and followers to practice conveniently from their personal space. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Pennewaert Shihan feels it is more important than ever to maintain regular exercise for the mind and body training. The series of aikido weapons […]

Daily aikido practice for the mind and body

weapons training

Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, Newport Beach Aikikai will be offering online videos for our students to continue training safety at home. We will be adding videos onto our Youtube Channel daily to help our students maintain a good regimen of mind and body practice. G. Pennewaert Shihan has prepared a series of basic weapon […]

Philip Lee Shihan is spreading Aikido throughout Singapore and beyond

At the 9th Annual Sugano Shihan Summer Camp, Philip Lee Shihan of Aikido ShinJu-Kai joined Newport Beach Aikikai for two days of intensive aikido training and building strong friendships. We are very honored to have Philip Lee Shihan share his passion for Aikido in an exclusive interview at our dojo. Thank you Lee Shihan for […]

Humility keeps us in check

learn humility through aikido

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama said this very well: “There is a very close connection between humility and patience. Humility involves having the capacity to take a more confrontational stance, having the capacity to retaliate if you wish, yet deliberately deciding not to do so. That is what I would call genuine humility. I […]