Sensei Gentil Pennewaert Shihan introduces aikido training videos, focused on the Jo and Bokken weapons for his students and followers to practice conveniently from their personal space. During the Covid-19 epidemic, Pennewaert Shihan feels it is more important than ever to maintain regular exercise for the mind and body training.

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The series of aikido weapons training videos will primarily focus on the Jo and Bokken weapons because of the social distancing requirement. These techniques are not new but have been practiced at Newport Beach Aikido for years. Pennewaert Shihan anticipates that as more people are required to stay home and become weary, the aikido videos will help them maintain a good balance and keep their minds clear.

The recommended Jo and Bokken exercises will cover the basics of stance, movement, and focus on moving naturally. It’s important for students to relax and allow the body to move effortlessly. The concept of relaxation and being comfortable allows the practitioner to flow more freely with the offensive or defensive motions. As the videos are added over the next several weeks, Pennewaert Shihan hopes to answer any questions during the videos to address any topics that are usually covered in class. Videos range from 20-minutes to 30-minutes and students are advised to practice at their own pace. Of course, practice is important and understanding the basic mechanics and form will allow the students to practice it correctly.

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