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Suburi Training strengthens the core and develops the body

suburi training

Suburi is a Japanese word for practice swings used in sports such as baseball, tennis, golf, and in martial arts. Outside Japan, the word is used exclusively for repetitive individual cutting exercises used in Japanese martial arts such as kendo, aikido, iaidō, and kenjutsu. At Newport Beach Aikido, Sensei Pennewaert Shihan explains that Suburi with […]

Fun Aikido Exercises to Develop Timing and Focus

at home martial art exercises

As we move through the next few weeks and possibly months during the Covid-19 crisis, it’s important to keep our mind, body, and spirit alive through aikido. It’s more important than ever to develop focus as the world is going through unstable times. Developing focus requires practice and patience. It allows you to remain calm […]